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Wildling Bloodhungry Berserker[]

Wilding has three base possible builds to focus on, but the bloodhungry build is my favorite.this build needs you to get the bloody adherent trait and get lucky with certain items. I want to tell you the value of going from 20 health to 100 health in one level, without using a single healing item and spending it all on the bloody with out fear of not being able to survive the next level.

this build focuses fully on lifesteal and damage that comes from most of those lifesteal modifiers.

the dream lifesteal level is four, these are the lifesteal factors you want to achieve and some basic info on them.

Bloody adherent___+1 No damage increase_________only works when under 25%(focus vitality)

lifesteal weapon___+1 Base damage increase________always works(focus dex)

Evil transformation_+1 significant damage increase____must cast the spell(focus intelligence)

Beserker level 3___+1 significant damage increase____must attack (focus beserk)

Enemies that are immune to life steal[]

undead and constructs are immune to lifesteal, but the summons of the cultists arent immune.

Leveling Focus[]

You have to level the berserk affinity tree to max(5), for the damage and attack speed bonus, from the higher levels and then focus all levels into vitality for the bloody adherent.

you can't level anything else. even if it seems like real good value, like when you have a very good cactus with lifesteal and it will be very nice with the fist affinity. it is best that you only level up berserker if you can.

Stat Focus[]

all items have to be defense items or luck items, those are almost always the best choice you will have and you wont be needing alot of strength or dex, when you are beserking or kiting enemys for health.

Item focus[]

Items such as death protection, movement items/spells and weapons with lifesteal will be the major factors, that decide a run.

everything else is only situational, but wallphasing also helps you avoid damage and helps with kiting to restore health.