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Skins you can use as Wildling.

The Wildling is one of the Classes you can play as in Vagante with focuses on Close Quarter Combat that is centered around the berserk status.

Starting Set[]

100 3 4 5 4 1


Fist Weapon Affinities Icon New.png Fist Weapon
Level 1 Brawler Change the direction of fist weapon attacks. Mixed-direction combos deal more damage.
Level 2 Pummel 1 Hold attack to unleash mulitple attacks when using fist weapons. Combos always deal more damage.
Level 3 Pummel 2 Sustain longer rounds of pummeling.
Level 4 Pummel 3 Sustain even longer rounds of pummeling.
Level 5 Godfist Successful combos will allow you to channel the energy required for the ultimate punch.
Berserk Icon New.png Berserk
Level 1 Berserker's Blood Continuous attacks will cause you to go berserk!
Level 2 Pain Tolerance Take less damage while berserking.
Level 3 Berserker's Blood 2 Attacks while berserking steal life. Increased berserk duration.
Level 4 Killing Bonus Each enemy killed while berserking will increase your strength.
Level 5 Berserker's Blood 3 Increase the effect of berserk.
Animal Icon New.png Animal
Level 1 Lion's Roar Tap [Interact] while holding up to unleash an intimidating roar.
Knocks back both allies and enemies. Deals damage if entities collide during knockback.
Can reflect projectiles.
Level 2 Bear's Stomp While airborne, press down and jump to perform a crushing attack that can be used up to three times in a row.
Gives you iframes while you are falling in Bear's Stomp, but Spikes and being out of bounds can still hurt you.
Negates fall damage. Scales on STR.
Level 3 Wolf's Sprint Press [Interact] while holding left or right to roll to enable inhuman sprint capabilities. Cannot be used while exhausted.
Invulnerable to most sources of damage as long as you continue moving in Wolf's Sprint. Ends after at least ten seconds of running.
Level 4 Eagle's Rise Hold up and press jump in mid-air to ascend!
Allows you to jump about 6 tiles high and deals damage to enemies you pass through.
No iframes, does not prevent you from using weapons. Identical to Bear's Stomp damage and scaling wise.


The character is based on the deprived class in Dark Souls and an older design of the first Wildling skin was inspired by Princess Mononoke.[1]

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