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Wands are melee weapons with a limited number of charges. Swinging the wand automatically consumes a charge and activates an effect.

Wands can only be recharged with Scrolls of Recharge. The damage of most wand effects scales with Death's Acolyte and death becomes easier to encounter.

All wands have a Fast attack speed and deal 1 base damage.

Fire Wand[]

A tool which converts magic charges into balls of fire.

Max charges: 15

This wands creates five fireballs, as per the Fireball spell, aimed at random angles. The fireballs don't fly straight; instead, they curve clockwise or counter-clockwise. Each fireball deals about 3 fire damage + 3 damage over time.

Ice Wand[]

A tool which converts magic charges into shards of ice

Ice shards can be used to reach high-up chests.

Max charges: 15

Lightning Wand[]

A tool which converts magic charges into lightning. This device seems to be magically grounded

Max charges: 15

Wand of Pestilence[]

A tool which converts magic charges into particularly foul toxic clouds.

Max charges: 15

Special interactions: The toxic clouds explode upon coming into contact with torches or any kind of fire and lightning. Deals 99 damage.

Wand of Blink[]

A tool which uses magic charges to teleport the wielder a short distance.

Max charges: 15

Wand of Digging[]

A tool which uses magic charges to dismantle terrain.

Max charges: 10

A Wand of Digging can be used to destroy traps and creates shortcuts or alternate paths. Be careful not to destroy the ground underneath the entrance, or you'll be stuck forever.

Special interactions: A charge from a Wand of Digging deals 25 damage to the Mushroom Golem.

Wand of Healing[]

A tool which conjures magical healing orbs.

Max charges: 8

Wand of Chaos[]

Max charges: 15

Has the same effects as The Deranged except for effects that require specific combinations of offerings.

Special interactions: Offering a Chaos Wand followed by any kind of dagger to The Deranged rewards you with the Blink Dagger.

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