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Throughout the game you will be able to unlock a lot of different content. These contents can be tracked in the Unlocks menu.

Icon Name Type Requirement Effect
Experienced.png Experienced Background Reach progression level 1. +1 Starting Level. -3 LCK
Survivor.png Survivor Background Reach progression level 2. +5 HP Bonfire Healing
Wilding.png Wildling Class Reach progression level 3. Unlocks the Wildling.
Strong.png Strong Background Reach progression level 4. +2 STR, -2 INT. Heavy Throws passive effect (increased throw strength, separate effect from Throw Hard).
Nimble.png Nimble Background Reach progression level 5. +2 SPD. Reduced fall damage.
Scarecrow.png Training Dummy Special Reach progression level 6. Adds a scarecrow to the lobby, which can be used as a training dummy. (The scarecrow does not have feelings, despite claims to the contrary. Do not empathize with the scarecrow.)
Bookworm.png Bookworm Background Reach progression level 7. -1 STR and -1 DEX but every spell you learn starts at level 2.
Illiterate.png Illiterate Background Reach progression level 8. Your character starts with 5 bombs but is unable to read any scrolls or spellbooks.
Merchant.png Merchant Background Reach progression level 9. +25 starting gold. 25% Discount at Shops. (Only affects the player using the background)
Ascetic.png Ascetic Background Reach progression level 10. Increased stats for each floor beaten without equipment (weapons excluded). Breaking holy vow is permanent (Lose 50% of gained stats when armor is equipped).
Farsighted.png Farsighted Background Reach progression level 11. +1 light radius. Increased ranged damage.
Snake Eater.png Snake Eater Background Reach progression level 12. Potions of Poisons heal you (15HP), but Potions of Regeneration are less effective (15HP). Start with 1 point of poison resistance and 2 (unidentified) poison potions.
Wanted.png Wanted Background Reach progression level 13. Begin the game with a Stolen Ring (+10 crit chance). Shopkeepers will attack you on sight.
Potion Addict.png Potion Addict Background Reach progression level 14. Heal 4 HP when drinking any potion.
Stoic.png Stoic Background Reach progression level 15. -33% Status Effect Duration. Reduced received knockback.
Boomerang wielder.png Boomerang Wielder Background Reach progression level 16 Start with 2 boomerangs.
Random unlock.png Random Class Reach progression level 17 You will begin the game as a random class with a random background and random skill trees.
Ranger.png Hound Master Class Reach progression level 18 Unlocks the Hound Master.
Mimic Whisperer.png Mimic Whisperer Background Reach progression level 19 Every chest turns into a mimic, which becomes friendly and able to be picked up.
Bloody Adherent.png Bloody Adherent Background Reach progression level 20 Heal in combat when below 25% HP.
Smith Disciple.png Disciple of the Smith Background Reach progression level 21 Bonfires have a chance to grant a stacking bonus to equipped items until unequipped.
Scholar Disciple.png Disciple of the Scholar Background Reach progression level 22 Makes the Scholar Shrine only require 4 points total to return a spellbook (Books are worth 3 points, scrolls are worth 1).
Cursed Adherent.png Cursed Adherent Background Reach progression level 23 Greatly increased chance of cursed items from chests.
Light Acolyte.png Acolyte of Light Background Reach progression level 24 Ability: Circle of Light.
Deranged Acolyte.png Acolyte of Chaos Background Reach progression level 25 +??? -??? (Effects of the Deranged will activate on you approximately every 45 seconds).
Faithless Heathen.png Faithless Heathen Background Reach progression level 26 Gain stats from destroying shrines. -13 luck.
Armored.png Armored Background Complete the game as a Knight. Start with +6 defense and -2 dex armor. Knight exclusive
Crossbow wielder.png Crossbowman Background Complete the game as a Rogue. Start with a crossbow enchanted with Weightless Arrows and Arrow Trajectory instead of the short bow. Rogue exclusive
Heirloom.png Heirloom Background Complete the game as a Mage. Start with the Heirloom Ring (+3 INT, % chance to increase Eleclance range). Mage exclusive
Will of the elements.png Will of the Elements Background Complete the game as a Wilding. Start with the Elemental Caestus. Wilding exclusive
Flail wielder.png Flail Wielder Background Complete the game as a Houndmaster. Start with a Heavy Flail with Slow Enemies instead of the wooden club. Houndmaster Exclusive
Tinkerer.png Tinkerer Background Defeat the Vine Lord. Start with a grappling hook. -1 SPD
Death's Acolyte.png Death’s Acolyte Background Clear 3 floors while wearing equipment with the "death becomes easier to encounter" effect.  Your maximum HP is locked to 1 but you deal heavily (~10x) increased damage.
Alternate theme.png Alternate Cave Theme Music Kill all Cave bosses. Alternate music theme that has a chance to replace the Cave theme on some floors.
Alternate theme.png Alternate Forest Theme Music Kill all Forest bosses. Alternate music theme that has a chance to replace the Forest theme on some floors.
Alternate theme.png Alternate Catacombs Theme Music Kill all Catacombs bosses. Alternate music theme that has a chance to replace the Catacombs theme on some floors.
Alternate theme.png Alternate Rift Theme Music Kill all Rift bosses. Alternate music theme that has a chance to replace the Rift theme on some floors.
Trophy Special Defeat The Lost Adventurer. Visual change to the lobby
Hardmode Lever.png Hard Mode Game Mode Beat the game on normal difficulty. Adds a lever to the lobby that allows you to enable the Hard Mode.


Most backgrounds are unlocked by reaching certain progression levels. You gain experience bases on some factors that determine how well you did in a run.

The experience calculations are as follows:

XP Score: x^1.2 * 10 =

Floor Score: x^1.5 =

Boss Score: x * 7 =

Gold Score: x / 50 =

...Total Score: