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Tower Serpent
Tower Serpent.png
Main Info
HP 200
Area Tower

The Serpent is the boss of the Catacombs branch level: The Tower

It has 200HP.


The Serpent will sit in a pool of water under a bridge at the bottom of the Tower. Once a player grabs the Rune Orb, the bridges open and the Serpent starts to try and kill the player while the water rises at the same time. There are gates at certain heights of the tower that will open once the Serpent gets damaged to a certain health threshold. The last gate opens when the Serpent is killed.


Attack Description
Dash Attack The Serpent pauses for a moment, opens its mouth, and does a high speed, high damage, dash towards the player.
Water Gun The Serpent rises up straight from the water, glows blue, then shoots a high damage water projectile at the player. Once the player leaves the first platform the Serpent shoots three projectiles instead of one.


Despite its limited move set, The Serpent is a very capable, and deadly boss. The high speed can make it difficult to land a hit. Avoid the Serpent's lunges AT the top the Serpent is quite easy to hit. Be aware of the rising water after you grab the Rune Orb as being caught in the water can be extremely dangerous due to the amount of Fishmen and Imps.

Situational Strategy[]

A mage can aim to max out their lightning resistance, so they can use Eleclance on the Serpent without getting hurt themself, which effectively results in the Serpent dying much faster.

The champion variant has a red coloration, possessing a new attack. Its dash attacks come out much faster than normal.

Attack Description
Iceball The Serpent spits out an iceball that explodes into a nova towards the player.