Vagante Wiki

Strength (STR)[]

Strength increases your damage, especially with melee weapons.

Every 2 STR grant 1 MEL and every 4 STR grant 1 RNG.

STR also increases distance travelled and damage of thrown doodads.

Dexterity (DEX)[]

Dexterity increases your attack speed, casting speed, and damage, especially with ranged weapons.

Every 2 DEX grant 1 RNG and every 4 DEX grant 1 MEL.

Every 1 DEX grants 1 ASPD.

Vitality (VIT)[]

Vitality increases your maximum health.

Your maximum HP increase by 10 for every VIT you gain.

VIT also affects the time you can breathe underwater and while using Wallphasing or Floorphasing.

Intelligence (INT)[]

Intelligence affects spell power as well as the number of spell charge each spell has.

The number of all spell charges and the damage of most spells scales on INT.

Luck (LCK)[]

Luck affects your critical strike rate and evasion, as well as chance based effects.

Increasing your LCK grants additional CRIT. Contrary to most other stats, you do not always gain the same amount of CRIT for every point of LCK.

CRIT caps at 50%, requiring exactly 38 LCK.

LCK also affects your evasion and other chance based effects such as Shrines or Chests.

Defense (DEF)[]

Defense is how resistant you are to physical damage.

Every point of DEF has a 1/3 chance to proc, reducing the amount of damage you take by 1 each.

For every 5 points of DEF the player has, 1 is guaranteed to proc on taking physical damage.

Melee Damage (MEL)[]

Increased damage of melee weapons.

MEL is increased by 1 for every 2 STR or 4 DEX the player has.

All characters also start with 1 additional MEL that is independent of MEL gained from STR or DEX.

MEL can be a fraction, resulting in slightly different damage results.

You can also directly increase your MEL by wearing rings with the +x damage attribute.

Ranged Damage (RNG)[]

Increased damage of thrown or ranged weapons.

RNG is increased by 1 for every 2 DEX or 4 STR the player has.

Like MEL, RNG can be a fraction and result in slightly different damage numbers.

You can also directly increase your RNG by wearing rings with the +x damage attribute.

Critical (CRIT)[]

% Chance of a critical hit.

The amount of CRIT you have depends on the amount of LCK you have.

Each point of LCK does not always grant the same amount of CRIT.

CRIT caps at 50%, requiring exactly 38 LCK.

Attack Speed (ASPD)[]

% Increased attack speed.

Every 1 DEX grants 1 ASPD and every 4 SPD grant 1 ASPD

Move Speed (SPD)[]

Increased movement speed amount.

Every 4 SPD grant 1 ASPD

Resistances (XRES)[]

Each point of x resistance increases your resistance to x damage by 25%

There are four types of resistances that protect you against fire, ice, lightning and poison damage.

You can still take elemental damage even though you are immune if you are using the Death's Acolyte Background or armor with the Death becomes easier to encounter attribute or using eleclance under water (1 damage to electricity).