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Version 1.011.3

Spells in Vagante can be learned by any character by using the corresponding spellbook. This destroys the spellbook.

All spells have a base charge which determines how many times that spell can be cast at 0 INT. For every 2 INT the caster has, spells with 6 base charges will gain 3 charges, and spells with 1 to 3 base charges will gain 1 charge.

Learning a spell multiple times increases its level. This increases damage dealt with the spell, the effects of the spell and the spell charges. This can build to incredible damage with enough patience. All spells can be leveled up by learning it again.

Sitting at the bonfire replenishes a spells charges according to the player's current INT.

Frost Nova.png Frost Nova[]

Base charges: 10

"Deep-freeze your surroundings."

Freezes nearby enemies with low damage.
Consecutive freezes will lower freeze duration.

Leveling this spell will increase its damage.
Does not require concentration.

Eleclance.png Eleclance[]

Base charges: Unlimited

"Thrust with powerful photonic energies."

Shocks and damages enemies in front of you.

Leveling this spell will increase its damage and range.
Does not require concentration.

Iceball.png Iceball[]

Base charges: 6

"Toss a ball of incredibly cold magic."

Requires some concentration to execute correctly and more effectively.
Creates an ice cube on impact with a wall which can be used to climb.
Every level of this spell adds another projectile to it.

The strongest spell in the game due to its scaling.

Dash.png Dash[]

Base charges: 6

"Dash a short distance."

Immediately casts when pressed. You can dash upwards as well.

Attacking with a melee weapon while dashing will deal heavily increased damage.

Magic Missile.png Magic Missile[]

Base charges: 6

"Cast a homing physical attack."

Greater concentration allows for locking on the nearest enemy.

Flame Pillar.png Flame Pillar[]

Base charges: 6

"Call forth a raging inferno before you."

Creates a pillar of flames in front of you that damages every enemy that walks into it.

Blink.png Blink[]

Base charges: 6

"Instantly teleport to a new location."

Teleport instantly in the direction you are facing or holding the movement keys toward.

Teleporting directly into a monster will damage it for a fixed value of 30 damage.

The amount of concentration held determines how far you teleport.

Be careful not to teleport into a wall. This means instant death.

Charm.png Charm[]

Base charges: 3

"Charm a target enemy"

Locks on the nearest target and charms them into fighting other enemies for a while.
Requires full concentration to execute correctly.

This spell has an extremely short range. Charmed enemies can still deal damage to you if you are in the way of their attack.

Charmed bosses cannot be hit by melee or ranged attacks (magic may work; needs to be tested).

Fire Shield.png Fire Shield[]

Base charges: 3

"Temporarily gain a shield of fire that reduces damage and burns attackers."

Requires full concentration to execute correctly.
Grants minor DEF and occasionally shoots sparks that deal low damage to and burn enemies.

DOES NOT NEGATE fire damage.

Fireball.png Fireball[]

Base charges: 3

"Launch a burning mass of destruction."

Fires a ball of fire in front of the caster that explodes into embers.
The longer the fireball is held, the more embers the fireball will create on trail and impact.


Base charges: 3

"Summon the power of storms upon your enemies."

Targets nearest enemy in front of the caster and shocks them.
Requires full concentration to execute correctly.

Leveling this spell will increase its damage and the amount of projectiles.

Shockwave.png Shockwave[]

Base charges: 3

"Launch an earth-trembling wave of destruction."

The greater the concentration, the farther the shockwave travels.

Chain Lightning.png Chain Lightning[]

Base charges: 3

"Powerful electricity will arc to multiples enemies."

Targets the first enemy hit and chains electricity to nearby enemies.
Requires full concentration to execute correctly.

Spirits.png Spirits[]

Base charges: 3

"Summon spirits to protect you."

Requires some concentration to execute correctly and more effectively.
Half concentration summons three spirits, full concentration summons five spirits.

Leveling this spell increases the amount of spirits.

Summon Monster.png Summon Monster[]

Base charges: 1

"Summon a friendly monster that will attack enemies.."
Requires full concentration to execute correcty.
The type of monster summoned depends on the spell's level:

  • At level 1, the spell summons Eyebats.
  • At level 2, it summons Imps.
  • At level 3, it summons Harpies.

This spell is very strong at level 2 and is one of the strongest spells in the game at level 3.

Evil Transformation Icon.png Evil Transformation[]

Base charges: 1

"A forbidden technique developed by cursed immortal beings."

Grants life steal for around 45 seconds.
Does not work against certain enemies such as the undead.

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