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Shops are special rooms which can appear in any level of the game, save for side areas. There is never more than a single shop in a level.

A shop always contains at least two items and is always operated by a Shopkeeper.

A shop contains some destructible cosmetic objects which serve no purpose: a sign, a decorative helmet and armor, a counter, and item stands.

Funding the Shop[]

As the player buys items from the shop, shops on later floors will contain extra items, up to five items total. These extra items will have better stats and a higher price. The shop will increase its stock by one item once an item is purchased and the total amount of gold spent at the shop reaches certain thresholds. The gold amount threshold to upgrade the shop gets higher as stock increases. The first purchase of the run will always upgrade the shop regardless of gold spent.

A 5 item shop requires roughly 250 total gold spent and the shop already upgraded to 4 items.

Angering the Shopkeeper[]

After angering a shopkeeper, all subsequent shopkeepers will be hostile towards the player. These are the actions which will anger the shopkeeper:

  • Letting the shopkeeper take at least 10 damage
  • Destroying the door of his shop
  • Getting caught while in the backroom of his shop
  • Getting seen by the shopkeeper after angering one in a previous level
  • Getting seen by the shopkeeper after stealing items from his shop without getting noticed (only in the same stage)
  • Getting seen by the shopkeeper while wearing any items with the Stolen tag

If you exit a level while the shopkeeper is still alive and hostile, he will enter the next level with you (he does not enter the intermission).

Fighting the Shopkeeper[]

After upgrading the shop to 4 or 5 items, it is advisable to attack the shopkeeper to save money (for the Light Shrine). By the time you have a fully upgraded shop, you should be equipped well enough to fight the shopkeeper without any difficulties.

Should you, however, feel that you are not equipped well enough, you can still easily dispose of the shopkeeper in most areas:

  • You can let him fall into spikes or let him walk over boulder traps in the caves.
  • You can lead him over knife traps or let him fall into spikes in the catacombs.
  • You can simply hold onto the ledge of the island his shop is on in the rift to make him jump into the abyss.

Stealing from the Shop[]

You can easily rob the shop in online multiplayer by letting your teammate(s) wait at the exit while you sneak into the shop and steal the items. Wait at the door of the backroom until he comes back from checking on his items, then walk into the room as he is walking out. Be careful with this approach, as getting crushed by the door (by standing where the door is when it's closed) will kill you instantly (although reviving as a skeleton will put you inside the backroom).

There are several items that allow you to rob the shop in single player. (blink spell/wand, digging wand, floor phasing boots, wall phasing gloves, etc.) Make sure to clear out the entire stage before you rob the shop as the shopkeeper will start patrolling after he notices that some of his wares are missing (he does not appear to do this if you steal while in stealth). If you wait until after he leaves his backroom you will have enough time to steal the items and exit the stage.

If you upgrade both the Shadow and Acrobatics affinities, you can roll past the shopkeeper while in stealth mode when he opens the door to the back of his shop and pick up the items when he goes back to the counter. Reenter stealth mode, wait until he opens the door again, and then roll past him. (Rolling will let you roll past the counter as well.) Having both shadow and acrobatics is important, as he will simply stand in the doorway wondering where his items went. If you attempt to walk past him while in stealth, he will notice you and become hostile.

Any items stolen from the shop will be labeled with a Stolen tag.

Shopkeeper's Stash[]

"There has to be something good in it!"

On some levels, a Shopkeeper's Stash is generated in the shop's backroom, along with a Friendly Thief. Interacting with the Thief will accept the quest, causing the NPC to disappear and reappear during the next bonfire intermission.

Shopkeepers stash.png

Using a Stash within the inventory opens it and reveals an unidentified god-cursed item with the Stolen tag. However, this new item cannot be given to the Fox Thief NPC.

Delivering the unopened Stash to the Thief rewards the player with a large amount of coins (up to multiple hundreds).

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