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The Ruins

The Ruins are the optional level of the Dark Caves.

You can access it by unlocking the door at the second level of the Dark Caves with a Treasure Key. In this level, you can gather one of the four Rune Orbs (this one provides 2 INT) in the game. It is the only stage with 2 Spellbooks which is a huge incentive for this area, especially if you are playing Mage.



Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Poltergeist.png Cultist 15 After noticing the player, the Cultist will play a sound cue and will start casting one of his three spells. You can interrupt the casting animation by damaging the Cultist. It can summon a Demon Dog, a Demon Armor or cast an Icebolt spell that deals around 10 damage and freezes the player. A cultist can only summon a single monster.
Demonarmor.png Demon Armor 50 Only appears when summoned by a Cultist. Its shield heavily reduces all frontal physical damage. After coming close enough, it will swing its sword for 12-15 damage. You should try to bait out its attack, jump over it and attack it from behind. Alternatively, spells and falling attacks such as the Knight's Omnistab or the Wildling's Brawler affinity are good ways to deal with the Demon Armor.
Demondog.png Demon Dog 25 Only appears when summoned by a Cultist. Will walk towards the player and prepare for a lunge after reaching a certain distance from the player, then run until they can lunge again. Lunges deal about 5 damage and can surprise the player, even from long distances.
Blackbat.png Eyebat 5 Hangs from the ceiling until it notices the player. Once it does it will start flying and will pursue the player. Upon knocking into the player it will deal 2-6 damage. It won't pursue the player if the player is in water and it will go back to hanging from the ceiling if left alone for long enough. Unlike other bats, this particular bats moves much quicker.

All Areas[]

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Enemy thief.png Hostile Thief 15 Once it sees a player, it will rush towards them trying to attack them. If it manages to hit the player, dealing 0-1 damage, the player will be stunned for approximately 2 seconds, and the thief will then be able to loot the player's coins. The thief will then attempt to escape from the player. It stands still when the player is not nearby.
Thief.png Friendly Thief 100-300 The Friendly Thief will only spawn on stages that have a Shopkeeper's Stash. You can interact with it to accept its quest.

It is advised to not, under any circumstances, attack the Friendly Thief. It has over a hundred HP and deals a lot of damage.

Mimicinactiveactive.png Mimic 10 A mimic will stand still, disguising itself as a chest until a careless adventurer comes nearby. After a adventurer comes close enough or after it gets attacked, it will show its true form and will begin to jump around, trying to bite the player for around 5 damage.

After being defeated, it will drop an item, just like a normal chest. Unlike chests, which have grey locks, Mimics have a red lock. Mimics' HP remains the same regardless of the area it appears on, making it a fairly easy enemy to spot and kill after the first areas.

Minnow.png Minnow 1 The Minnow is a neutral entity. It doesn't grant any gold or experience points. You are able to gain HP by attacking it with a Weapon with the Lifesteal Attribute


Evil Mage

The Evil Mage is the boss of The Ruins.

It has 150HP.


The Evil Mage spawns after picking up the Rune Orb.


Attack Description
Icebolt The Evil Mage shoots volleys of 1-3 Icebolts that pass through walls, deal around 10 damage and freeze the player. These Icebolts will linger in place if the player moves too far away from the Evil Mage. 
Nova       The Evil Mage uses a spell similar to Frost Nova that freezes nearby players and deals 1-2 damage. You can either move out of its effective range or hide behind obstacles.
Teleportation   After finishing an attack cycle, the Evil Mage will remain standing still for a few seconds, teleport near the player and start a new attack cycle. These few idle seconds are the only time frame you should attack the Evil Mage in.
Alternate Teleportation Once the Evil Mage is at half health he will start alternating between regular teleportations and alternate ones. In the alternate ones, it will turn invisible, teleport near the player and use its Nova attack shortly after releasing a visual cue and a cackle audio cue.
Radial Icebolts Can only occur if the player attacks the Evil Mage while it is casting. The Evil Mage immediately shoots around 10 Icebolts and teleports.


It is advisable to clear out the entire stage to prevent Cultist from interfering with the fight. You can immediately attack it after it finishes its spawning animation without any danger.

After its first teleportation, you should start to wait out his attack cycles and attack it when it stands still. Never attack the Evil Mage while he is waving its arms or it will counterattack with a really strong radial attack.

Once the Evil Mage is at half health he will start teleporting very often so you will have to move around to dodge his nova attack.

Having some elemental resistances can make this boss much easier. Resistance to ice can greatly reduce the time that you're frozen, and if maxed, provide complete immunity to all attacks except for contact damage.


Magic Traps[]

Magic traps emit faint blue particles when active. If a creature steps onto the trap, it triggers a random effect and deactivates.

Possible effects:

  • Teleports the creature to another location
  • Freezes the creature and deals 5 damage
  • Vertically shoots a fireball (dealing about 15 damage)


Corpses can trigger magic traps.

Light Feet gear lets the player walk across magic traps without triggering them.

Ruins trap.png