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The Rogue is one of the first 3 classes you start out with in Vagante, and is notable for being the stealth/ranged character. Starting off with a dagger and a bow,


The Rogue has access to four affinity perk trees: Daggers, Shadow, Archery, and Acrobatics. Dagger points give your dagger improved damage, and at higher levels let you throw it (it comes right back to you). Shadow lets you stealth, which gives you a big crit on your first attack from stealth, and at higher levels you get a shadow that doubles your dps. Archery lets you move, then jump, then aim vertically with your bow. Level 4 and 5 adds piercing to your arrows. Acrobatics lets you roll to negate fall damage, then adds wall jumping, and the last two levels give your a chance to evade most attacks.


Very low base damage, even into the end game. When your core build is done, consider points in strength if going daggers or dexterity if you're arrow based. When you approach a boss, quaff a potion of strength or two. This could make the difference between life or death.


There are 2 core builds for the rogue. Archery or daggers. In my experience, archery hasn't worked well for me, but daggers can work well if you can survive the first few levels. Get to level 3 in daggers and then move on to the shadow. If you can find poison potions, apply those to your dagger for even better dps. In the first level or two make use of that bow, because your daggers have really limited range, and even though you can throw it at level 2, its not always the best option since it can be a slow attack and it only hits once. This leaves you defenseless while you're waiting for your dagger to return. Once your dagger is at level 3 however get throw happy with it as it will stun-lock most mobs, and damage them multiple times too.

A tip for when using your bows: if you acquire an elemental bow, it has a percentage based chance of applying an element to your arrow. You can tell if the arrow is elementally charged while it is still nocked in your bow. If it isn't, pressing SHIFT, or on a gamepad Lbutton, will take the arrow off your bow. Then you can nock the arrow again and again until the elemental effect applies.

General Tips:

- Arrow conservation is pretty huge, save them. You'll get most of your arrows in the forest so once you complete the forest keep it in the back on your mind that the arrows you currently have are more less the arrows you'll have for the run. You shouldn't really need to use many arrows until the catacombs anyway with the only exception being the wisp queen, but use your better judgement on that (losing 1 arrow >>> taking damage)

- Some of the early game bosses and enemies will take virtually no damage to arrows because of their high defense, thus some enemies are better to kill with magic or melee despite the fact that shooting them might be safer ie an arrow shot at the mushroom boss in the forest is just a wasted arrow (if you crit you might do 6 damage)

- Longbow > Short bow >>> Crossbow, the longbow is just a straight upgrade from the shortbow, and the crossbow has a higher damage stat than the longbow, but the fire rate and reload time will put a massive damper on your DPS, so stick with the short bow or the longbow

- Landing ricochet shots can be very important, you can kill bosses and other enemies while never running the risk of getting hit yourself, it will take some practice, but you will be able to reliably kill things around corners and on platforms below you (it's just like playing pool)

- Generally, items that give you dex and luck should be equipped