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Version 1.10.1 (Live) 1.09.9 (Beta/Experimental)

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The Rogue is one of the Classes you can play as in Vagante, with focuses on stealth/ranged combat and critical hits.

Starting Set[]

80 1 4 3 3 1

Name Damage Attack Speed Stats Description
Dagger 1-3 Very Fast --- "Its small size belies its sharp point."
Short Bow 3-7 Very Slow --- "A bow well-suited to a beginner archer."
Name Description
Arrow "Stone tipped, and fletched with an Ozir's feathers."


Acrobatics Icon New.png Acrobatics
Level 1 Tumbling Press [Interact] while holding left or right to roll. Holding a direction when taking fall damage will roll.
Fall damage greatly reduced.
Level 2 Advanced Maneuvers Jump off of walls. Also, rolls can be canceled by jumping.
Level 3 Evasion 1 Gain a 20% chance to evade any physical attack.
Level 4 Evasion 2 Gain a 40% chance to evade any physical attack.
Archery Icon New.png Archery
Level 1 Advanced Movement Enables strafing and jumping while drawing a bow.
Level 2 Rebound Arrows bounce off the first surface hit.
Level 3 Penetrate Arrows penetrate the first target. +15% Arrow Damage.
Level 4 Pierce Arrows pierce through two targets. +30% Arrow Damage.
Level 5 Ricochet Arrows bounce many times.
Dagger Icon New.png Dagger
Level 1 Anatomy Studies Increased dagger damage and critical chance.
Level 2 Dagger Tricks Hold up and attack to throw your dagger. Thrown daggers will return to their owner.
Damage scales on your Ranged Damage.
Level 3 Dagger Mastery Thrown daggers strike twice.
Damage scales on your Ranged Damage.
Shadow Icon New.png Shadow
Level 1 Stealth Enter stealth mode by ducking.
Level 2 Shadow Attunement Enter stealth mode quicker. Opening chests no longer breaks stealth.
Level 3 Moving Shadow Attacks out of stealth critically hit. Automatically stealth out of combat.
Level 4 Strike of Darkness Entering stealth releases a cloud of smoke. Increased critical damage.
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