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Items can be found in chests, obtained in Shops or received as gifts from Shrines. Items come in various categories.

Weapons are used to fend off monsters. This includes swords and bows, but also boomerangs, bombs, and rods. Wands are a kind of weapon with special effects.

Armor includes suits of armor, headgear, boots, but also rings and necklaces. These items have no active use.

Spellbooks impart knowledge of a new spell. They can also be thrown into the bonfire at intermissions. This adds 10 health to the bonfire's healing power.

Scrolls can activate a useful effect. Like spellbooks, they can be thrown into the bonfire, adding 2 health to the bonfire's healing power.

Potions can be drank for a specific effect, which impart a status effect or stat change on the player.

Most armor and weapons in the game bestow stat modifiers to the player if they are being worn, which can increase or decrease attributes.

Various items can be sacrificed to Shrines.

Any item taken from Shops without being purchased will be labeled with a Stolen tag. Being seen by the shopkeeper with a stolen item equipped will anger the shopkeeper.


Artifacts spawn with a unique effect which can only ever be found once per a run. Artifacts can be obtained in the same ways as regular items, but boss chests are more likely to hold artifacts.


Most items are never identified by default, unless they are part of your starting equipment. All weapons and armor have different statistics: they must be identified individually.

However, identifying one type of scroll or potion will identify every instance of that item for the duration of your run.

Items are automatically identified when they are equipped or used. The only way to identify an item without doing so is to use a Scroll of Identify on that particular item.

All items are automatically identified at the end of a run.


Scroll icon.png

Scrolls are single-use items. You can buy them from the shop or find them inside of barrels or crates. A scroll can be identified by either using a Scroll of Identify, buying or using it. Which effect each color has changes with every new game.

Scroll Description
Scroll of Chaos Unleashed power and unpredictable effects. Dangerous to the unlucky. (can only be obtained from the deranged)
Scroll of Identify Identifies an item without having to deal with possible negative effects.
Scroll of Jump Imbues the reader with the power to jump incredibly high once. It does not disable fall damage.
Scroll of Magic Mapping Reveals the entire map of the current level.
Scroll of Recharge Adds charges to a wand or rod.
Scroll of Teleportation Teleports the user to a random location in the current level.
Scroll of Uncurse Purifies all currently equipped items.
Scroll of Enchant Adds or subtracts a random stat effect to a selected item. Uncurses items if stats get added.

*Note that when using unidentified scrolls, the scrolls that are used for specific items in your inventory (Identify, Recharge, and Enchant) will turn on the selection reticle to select another item. This can help distinguish scrolls when unidentified.


Potion icon.png

Potions are single-use items available in a variety of colors. Which effect each color has changes with every new game. Potions are either found in barrels, crates, Big Chests (which always have 2) or bought at the shop. Potion effects last for the entirety of the level, except for the Potion of Regeneration and Potion of Poison. Potions can also be identified with a Scroll of Identify, useful for finding Potions of Poison.

There also exist potions that increase or decrease stats by 1. Potions of this type come in variants of Strength, Dexterity, Intelligence, Vitality, Luck, Speed, and all Elemental Resistances. To this end, you should be careful when drinking unidentified potions or you may be poisoned or potentially lose stats.

The Mage's first skill in its Alchemy tree, Potion Knowledge, will reveal all potions picked up by the player or other teammates for the entirety of the game

Potion Buff Icon Effect Description
Potion of Featherfall Featherfall.png Grants the player the Featherfall status effect. Grants a feeling of weightlessness.
Potion of Poison Poison.png Lasts roughly 2 minutes, take 1 damage from poison every 6 seconds for a total of 20 damage.
Persists through levels.
Can be used to coat a weapon with poison.
Can be waited out while inside of the intermission.
Best not drink this.
Potion of Quickness Speed.png Increases movement speed by 2 and attack speed by 8. (4 SPD and 16 ASPD with Alchemy 3) The very essence of wind is stoppered in this flask.
Potion of Regeneration Regeneration.png Heals 5 Health each second for 6 seconds (30 health in total). (45 with Alchemy 3)

Removes negative status effects.

Heals everything from paper cuts to broken bones.
Potion of Magic Magic.png Increases the players INT by 3 (6 with Alchemy 3) Grants increased magic strength.
Potion of Vigor Vigor.png Increases the Strength of the player by 3. (6 with Alchemy 3) It's imbued with the fortitude of a giant.
Potion of Defense Defense.png Increases the defense of the player by 6. (12 with Alchemy 3) Drinking this hardens the skin.


Image Name Description
Arrow.png Arrow Stone tipped, and fletched with an Ozir's feathers.
Bombarrow.png Bomb Arrow A common arrow with a bomb attached to it.
Combine a bomb with an arrow to obtain three bomb arrows.
Porkchop.png Pork Chop Heals 40 HP on pickup. Cannot be placed in your inventory.

Spawns in a random tile of every stage which means that they are sometimes impossible to reach.

You can set it free by destroying the block it is generated in.

Cooked eyeball.png Cooked Eye Juicy Like a grape.
Obtained by entering a level's exit with a dead Eyebat and tossing it into the campfire. When eaten, it grants a temporary Unbounded Sight buff.
Roasted chicken.png Roasted Chicken Organic, Cage-free, Dungeon Raised Grade A Chicken.
Obtained by entering a level's exit with a living Chicken and tossing it into the campfire. When eaten, it heals 10 HP and gives Strength and Speed buffs.
Rotten chicken.png Rotten Chicken Check the expiration date.
Obtained by entering a level's exit with a dead Chicken and tossing it into the campfire. When eaten, it poisons the player.
Sashimi.png Sashimi Serve with soy sauce.

Obtained by entering a level's exit with a dead Piranha and tossing it into the campfire. Heals 2 HP and grants "Underwater Breathing" for 120 seconds.

Roasted Rat.png Cooked Rat Rat on a stick.

Obtained by entering a level's exit with a dead Rat and tossing it into the campfire. Heals 10 HP and grants a Speed buff.

Key.png Treasure Key This key opens up a hoard of treasure.

Can open up large locked chests and the branch entrances located on Dark Caves 2, Forest 2, Catacombs 2, and Rift 2.

All orbs.png Rune Orb It emanates magic.
They serve as a key for the 2nd form of the final boss. They also grant hidden stat boosts.
Shopkeepers stash.png Shopkeeper's Stash There has to be something good in it!
Gives you an unidentified God-cursed item with the stolen tag when opened.
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