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Version 1.10.1 (Live) 1.09.9 (Beta/Experimental)

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The Houndmaster is one of the Classes you can play as in Vagante with focuses on club combat and control of a dog companion.

Starting Set[]

70 3 2 2 1 1

Name Damage Attack Speed Stats Description
Wooden Club 1-3 Fast --- "It's a stout stick of wood, with nails sticking out of its blunt end."
Name Description
Pet Whistle "Hold UP and Interact to use. Whistle once to summon your companion, twice to order them to wait."


Pet Bond.png Pet Bond
Level 1 Share Potion Share beneficial potions with your pet.
Level 2 Command Aura You now have an aura that increases your pets stats when near.
Level 3 Substitute Damage you take is split between you and your pet.
Level 4 Item Bond Your equipped weapon and chest armor gives bonuses to your pet.
Pet Offense.png Pet Offense
Level 1 Lunge Your pet can now lunge attack.
Level 2 Weak Point Attacks critically hit more often than normal.
Level 3 Limit Break Your pet can sometimes lunge multiple times in a row.
Pet Utility.png Pet Utility
Level 1 Loud Bark Your pet's bark are much more effective.
Level 2 Unceasing Din Your pet can bark more often.
Level 3 Noisy Passenger Your pet can bark at enemies while carried.
Level 4 Bouncy Missile Your pet bounces when thrown.
Club Aff.png Club
Level 1 Fatiguing blows Club attacks deal more damage and stun enemies more.
Level 2 Charged Attack Hold the attack button to charge up your swing.
Level 3 Shockwave Fully charged attacks unleash shockwaves.
Level 4 Faster Charge Attacks charge up quicker.

Pet Trivia[]

  • Whistling twice will make the pet sit and enter guard mode which will make it bark at nearby enemies. The pet cannot be knocked back and will persist in guard mode even when hit by enemies until whistled back.
  • The pet automatically targets nearby enemies. It will stop attacking when the Pet Whistle is used.
  • The pet is immune to spikes and knife traps.
  • The pet will be teleported back to the player if it falls into the void.
  • If the pet dies, it can be revived by pressing the interact button while standing over it. The pet can only be revived once per level. It will also be revived when the level is exited.
  • The pet will lunge immediately the moment Pet Offense Level 1 is unlocked and there is an enemy in range.
  • Pet Utility
    • Pet Utility was reworked in 1.07.1 to complement the pet's new bark mechanic which was also added in the same update.
    • The pet will bounce back to the original position that it was thrown from when bouncing from the first hit enemy in a direct trajectory.
  • Pet Bond Level 4
    • On-hit armor attributes such as Attackers will sometimes get burned do not work with Pet Bond Level 4.
    • Any melee weapon attribute except for +Knockback, Fairy Magic, and Life Steal will propagate to the pet.
    • Additional stats gained from a given equipped weapon and chest armor will be allocated to the pet.
  • Pet Throw
    • The pet throw's damage scales from the player's level and STR granted to the dog through Item Bond and Share Potion as well as buffs from Command Aura.
  • Additional STR from potions and weapons and armor will increase throw distance of the pet and also increase damage of Pet Utility Level 2 if Pet Bond Level 4 is active.
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