Vagante Wiki

Hard Mode is an alternative mode that is activated by a switch located in the right portion of the character select area. The switch will appear when the final boss is defeated for the first time.

Hard Mode Changes[]

  • Elite monsters (palette change) that have 3x-5x their original health as well as different attack cycles and drop loot bags when defeated. They appear once per level.
  • Elite bosses (palette change) have different attack cycles.
  • Less light.
  • Monsters spawn in areas you have cleared and haven't returned to within a handful of seconds (marked on the map by blue areas)
  • Newly spawned monsters will not drop gold nor experience nor be susceptible to lifesteal or damage to gold. It's also possible to return and find harder enemies have spawned in the place of those you killed (e.g. golems and mantraps replacing spriggans). Enemies in Ruins and Catacombs will only respawn once.
  • Underwater suffocation damage is 10x stronger.
  • Poison is lethal.
  • Bonfires heal for 10 at base instead of 20.