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The Forest Temple is the optional level of The Forest.

You can access it by unlocking the door at the second level of the Forest with a Treasure Key. In this level, you can gather one of the four Rune Orbs (this one provides 2 STR) in the game. Like in The Tower, there is no spellbook in the Forest Temple.


Forest Temple[]

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Tikiman.png Tikiman 40 After noticing the player, the Tikiman will start shooting blowdarts which deal 1-2 damage and poison the player. You can keep it from shooting blowdarts by dealing damage to it.
Flame Tortoise.png Flame Tortoise 50 After noticing the player, the Flame Tortoise will start spinning and shooting flames which set the player on fire. You should wait until it stops spinning before attacking it.

All Areas[]

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Enemy thief.png Hostile Thief 15 Once it sees a player, it will rush towards them trying to attack them. If it manages to hit the player, dealing 0-1 damage, the player will be stunned for approximately 2 seconds, and the thief will then be able to loot the player's coins. The thief will then attempt to escape from the player. It stands still when the player is not nearby.
Thief.png Friendly Thief 100-300 The Friendly Thief will only spawn on stages that have a Shopkeeper's Stash. You can interact with it to accept its quest.

It is advised to not, under any circumstances, attack the Friendly Thief. It has over a hundred HP and deals a lot of damage.

Mimicinactiveactive.png Mimic 10 A mimic will stand still, disguising itself as a chest until a careless adventurer comes nearby. After a adventurer comes close enough or after it gets attacked, it will show its true form and will begin to jump around, trying to bite the player for around 5 damage.

After being defeated, it will drop an item, just like a normal chest. Unlike chests, which have grey locks, Mimics have a red lock. Mimics' HP remains the same regardless of the area it appears on, making it a fairly easy enemy to spot and kill after the first areas.

Minnow.png Minnow 1 The Minnow is a neutral entity. It doesn't grant any gold or experience points. You are able to gain HP by attacking it with a Weapon with the Lifesteal Attribute



The Chimera is a 2 part boss of the Forest branch level: The Forest Temple.

The main body is 225HP and the Snake Tail has 125HP.


The Chimera moves around a small area until it sees the player, the Snake Tail on the Chimera can attack you before the body sees you. After killing the Chimera and Snake Tail, they will drop a Rune Orb and a Treasure Key


Attack Description
Poison Spit The Snake Tail spits a ball of poison at the Player. The lower the health of the Snake Tail, the faster it fires poison.
Flamebreath The Chimera Body breathes a short line of flames towards the player.
Pounce The Chimera jumps over, or through, walls to get closer to the player.


This boss is somewhat intimidating the first few times you fight it, as the Forest Temple is one of the most hostile areas in the game, and the 2 parts of the body can be confusing since you may not know which one to target first.

The general strategy is to take out the main body first, then attack the snake tail. Keep in mind that getting stuck in a corner with this boss is an easy death sentence. Always be wary of the traps around you as well.


Recharging Arrow Traps[]

This variant of the Arrow Trap recharges and reactivates shortly after being triggered. It has a limitless supply of arrows.

Temple arrow trap.png

Flame Trap[]

This trap rotates in a 360° circle, blowing fire in its current direction.

Flame trap.png


This trap swings in an 180° radius, dealing around 5 damage on contact.



This trap deals around 3-5 damage on impact.


Poison Room[]

This traps consists of a sprinkler visible on the ceiling of a room, and two completely hidden wooden doors. When the player enters the room, the wooden doors appear, fall from the ceiling and trap the player inside, while the sprinkler quickly floods the room with poison gas.


The doors can be destroyed with weapon attacks or other sources of damage. When a door is destroyed, the poison stops.

Phasing through the floor or doors is also a possibility.

Bad ideas

Triggering the trap and attempting to run out of the room before the doors fall is dangerous. The doors can crush the player, dealing 10 damage.

.Poison trap.png