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The Forest

The Forest is the second Area of the game.

Although this level contains very few traps compared to the Dark Caves, there are many enemies that can easily kill you in mere seconds.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

Forest[edit | edit source]

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Wispupdated.png Wisp 3 Flies through the map, passing through walls. If a player is close enough, it will turn red in color and pursue the player. The Wisp deals 10 damage on contact and dies afterwards.
Spriggan.png Spriggan Archer 16 They will attack with their bows until they use up all of their arrows. After running out of arrows, they will attack with a spiked club. Their arrows deal around 5 damage.
Golem.png Golem 65 This monster will begin pursuing a player from the moment it notices them and will crush everything in their path, including other enemies. They will also try to crush the player with their arms if the player comes close enough or if the player is walking on them. Being crushed beneath this monster deals 999 damage and its close-range attack deals 25-30 damage.
Plant.png Man-Eating Plant 15 This monster is composed of two parts: the stem, immobile and defenseless, and the mouth, which is able to extend over a fixed distance from the stem and takes only 1 damage from any attack. Being swallowed by the mouth deals 5-10 damage every second and poisons the player. You cannot escape from it by jumping. Also, all damage done to the mouth is applied to the stem as well.
Harpy.png Harpy 9 This monster keeps flying still until it notices the player. After doing so, it will fly closer and fire 3 feathers at every few seconds.

The feathers slow down and come to a stand shortly after being fired, then disappear. The feathers still deal damage even while stopped.

Tiny Maneating Plant.png Tiny Maneating Plant 10 Can only be summoned by the Vine Lord. It will follow the player and deal 1-2 damage on contact.

All Areas[edit source]

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Enemy thief.png Hostile Thief 15 Once it sees a player, it will rush towards them trying to attack them. If it manages to hit the player, dealing 0-1 damage, the player will be stunned for approximately 2 seconds, and the thief will then be able to loot the player's coins. The thief will then attempt to escape from the player. It stands still when the player is not nearby.
Thief.png Friendly Thief 100-300 The Friendly Thief will only spawn on stages that have a Shopkeeper's Stash. You can interact with it to accept its quest.

It is advised to not, under any circumstances, attack the Friendly Thief. It has over a hundred HP and deals a lot of damage.

Mimicinactiveactive.png Mimic 10 A mimic will stand still, disguising itself as a chest until a careless adventurer comes nearby. After a adventurer comes close enough or after it gets attacked, it will show its true form and will begin to jump around, trying to bite the player for around 5 damage.

After being defeated, it will drop an item, just like a normal chest. Unlike chests, which have grey locks, Mimics have a red lock. Mimics' HP remains the same regardless of the area it appears on, making it a fairly easy enemy to spot and kill after the first areas.

Minnow.png Minnow 1 The Minnow is a neutral entity. It doesn't grant any gold or experience points. You are able to gain HP by attacking it with a Weapon with the Lifesteal Attribute

Bosses[edit | edit source]

Mushroom Golem

The Golem is one of the three bosses to spawn in The Forest.

It has 200 HP.


It can't jump too high and it's usually not too mobile until it starts spinning. The Golem also harms any other enemies (besides the smaller golems) with its spinning and jumping attacks.


Attack Description
Ground Smash The Golem smashes the ground, sending a shockwave through the ground, much like the shockwave spell.
Spin The Golem starts spinning like a ball. It becomes really mobile, can bounce and deals damage on touch.
Throw Boulders The Golem throws boulders, just like the trapped ones, at the player. Boulders deal around 30 damage.


Don't try to fight it while it spins, preferably stand behind a wall and try to hit while it's standing still. Freezing it can temporarily immobilize the Golem even while it is spinning, but it will continue on the same trajectory once it unfreezes.

A good counter is the wand of digging(if you have one), which deals 25 damage per charge.

Boulder protection will prevent the player from being squashed to death.

Extraordinarily dangerous on ledges above the player without boulder protection due to the instant death squashing mechanic. Though, this mechanic will kill other enemies, as well as damage enemies with its other attacks besides the boulder. Typically, the Golem will be forced to remain on the ground floor of the Forest dungeon. Ranged attacks work well, as its movement, when not spinning, is very slow and its boulders only go so far. Arrows or long distance spells work well. Fighting the Golem in an area with many platforms above him is best as the player can jump up out of reach of attacks, gaining distance, and dropping back down to damage the Golem. Be careful though, as the Golem's Spin attack can make it bounce high up onto platforms above, so moving to a fairly high platform is safest. Further, despite looking extremely large, the Golem can spin through a space that is only 1x1. (Tested when using a Wand of Digging that destroyed terrain of 1x1 blocks. The Golem revved up his Spin and spun through to the other side.)

Vine Lord

The Vine Lord is one of the three bosses to spawn in The Forest. It has 225 HP.


As soon as you trigger it, it will do one of its attacks.


Attack Description
Man-eater Seeds The Vine Lord shoots out 2-5 seeds which grow into small man-eating plants which have around 12 hp and deal 2 damage
Poison Seeds The Vine Lord shoots out a few poison seeds which will spread poison after a few seconds.
Needle shot The Vine Lord shoots out 6 needles in two bursts of three
Enrage After losing high amounts of HP the Vine Lord shoots out more seeds and attacks in a quicker manner.


You should watch out for the visual cue that indicates the needle shot and try to evade the poison and the little man-eating plants.

Other than that the Vine Lord has no other attacks so you should be able to take him out easily.

Wisp Queen

The Wisp Queen is one of the three bosses to spawn in The Forest.
It has around 250 HP.


The Wisp Queen starts as normal sized wisp, but white. After the player gets close, the Wisp Queen will grow in size and start her attacks.


Attack Description
Wisp Spawn The Wisp Queen slowly spawns a spinning ring of wisps that can do damage and block attacks.
Wisp Throw The Wisp Queen starts to 'throw' the wisps in the wisp ring towards the player. Note: The ring of wisps will stop spinning before this attack
Wisp Renew The Wisp Queen renews her ring of wisps entire over a short duration.
Wisp Launch The Wisp Queen launches all of the wisps in her ring in all directions, then initiates Wisp Spawn to renew the ring.


Be careful when fighting in melee range, as wisps will deal a large amount of damage in succession. It's best to fight it from long range. However, one method one can use is trying to proc continues Freezes on the Wisp Queen. The Wisp Queen cannot summon more wisps while it is frozen.

Because of its ability to phase through terrain, it is best to fight the Wisp Queen on a fall through platform instead of any thick terrain that does not allow fall-through. This is because the Wisp Queen will always keep distance as far out from her so her wisps will hit, but her full body remains too far away from the player for its melee attacks. Therefore, try to keep the Wisp Queen in a position that you can easily reach its center to attack it (if using melee attacks/freeze proc strategy).

Traps[edit | edit source]

Arrow Traps[edit | edit source]

A loaded arrow trap above a triggered arrow trap.

Pictured: A loaded arrow trap above, and a deactivated arrow trap below.

When an object moves within an Arrow Traps range (about six blocks right or left of the trap), it launches a single arrow and deactivates. The arrow is not affected by gravity, deals about 12 damage and applies significant knockback.


It is possible to trigger an arrow trap using nearly any physical entity in the game, including creatures, dropped items, boulders, projectiles, coins, props, etc. Blood, wooden splinters and other cosmetic effects do not count.

Reflects Projectiles gear can protect the player from arrow traps.

Boulder Traps[edit | edit source]

This trap consists of a grey pressure plate on the ground and a hidden boulder on the ceiling straight above, held by green vines. Touching the pressure plate drops the boulder. A falling boulder deals instant death to any creature underneath, with some exceptions.

Boulders can be pushed off ledges to crush other creatures, or used as platforms. In some rooms, this occasionally necessary to reach a chest.


Pressure plates can be triggered by creatures, dropped items and props, but not coins or projectiles.

With good reflexes, the player can jump before being hit by the falling boulder. Instead of instant death, the boulder will deal about 33 damage and break.

Boulder Protection gear can protect the player from falling boulders, causing them to only deal 1 damage.

Light Feet gear lets the player walk across pressure plates without triggering them.

Special interactions

Bosses only take 20 damage from falling boulders. A golem will take about 20 damage and break the boulder.