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Main Info
HP 40
Area Caves, Forest, Catacombs, Rift

Fairies are magical creatures that have been captured and can be found in the second stages of all acts.

You can free a fairy by hitting the cage she is in. Pressing down and interact when standing on top of the fairy will make you carry her on your back. If you carry a fairy through the door and into intermission, she will go to the bonfire buff its healing by 5. Rescuing all fairies will make the bonfire heal for a total of 40 HP. Taking damage from any source, excluding poison, will drop fairies, but she can be picked up again.

You cannot attack while carrying fairies, but you still can use spells.

They can also be sacrificed to the Bloody Shrine for a permanent +1 boost on STR, DEX, INT and LCK.

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