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The Rift

The Factory is the optional level of The Rift.

You can access it by unlocking the door at the second level of the Rift with a Treasure Key. In this level, you can gather one of the four Rune Orbs (this one provides 2 LCK) in the game.



Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Mechanical Spider.png Mechanical Spider 46 The Mechanical Spider will walk back and forth on the platform it spawns on, and can climb walls to reach players. When it notices a player, it will do either or two moves, a jump attack which deals 9 electric damage, or it will summon two lightning balls which will travel left and right of the spider across the ground. The balls themselves will deal 18 electric damage to a player. There are special blocks that, when a lightning ball passes over them, will shoot out electricity upwards.

If a player goes far enough away, the Mechanical Spider can walk over the walls to reach the player.

Sentinel.png Sentinel 33 The Sentinel will float in place, expelling light in a small radius. The light expelled reveals every Sentinel's location on the map.

Upon hitting the Sentinel directly or upon getting close to the Sentinel, its eye will flash red and begin charging at the player. The Sentinel will flash white, and then explode for 33 damage.

Mechanical Soldier.png Mechanical Soldier 100 The Mechanical Soldier spins rapidly, dealing 11-14 damage repeatedly. When it spins, it gains vertical momentum very quickly, effectively allowing it to fly upwards.

All Areas[]

Image Name HP Attacks/Movement
Enemy thief.png Hostile Thief 15 Once it sees a player, it will rush towards them trying to attack them. If it manages to hit the player, dealing 0-1 damage, the player will be stunned for approximately 2 seconds, and the thief will then be able to loot the player's coins. The thief will then attempt to escape from the player. It stands still when the player is not nearby.
Thief.png Friendly Thief 100-300 The Friendly Thief will only spawn on stages that have a Shopkeeper's Stash. You can interact with it to accept its quest.

It is advised to not, under any circumstances, attack the Friendly Thief. It has over a hundred HP and deals a lot of damage.

Mimicinactiveactive.png Mimic 10 A mimic will stand still, disguising itself as a chest until a careless adventurer comes nearby. After a adventurer comes close enough or after it gets attacked, it will show its true form and will begin to jump around, trying to bite the player for around 5 damage.

After being defeated, it will drop an item, just like a normal chest. Unlike chests, which have grey locks, Mimics have a red lock. Mimics' HP remains the same regardless of the area it appears on, making it a fairly easy enemy to spot and kill after the first areas.

Minnow.png Minnow 1 The Minnow is a neutral entity. It doesn't grant any gold or experience points. You are able to gain HP by attacking it with a Weapon with the Lifesteal Attribute


Rust Fiend

The Rust Fiend is the boss of the Rift branch level: The Factory.

It has 425HP.


The Rust Fiend will stand idle at the bottom of the Factory until a player enters its arena. After that, it will open with summoning 2 mechanical spiders, and releasing charges of electricity.


Attack Description
Static Discharge The Rust Fiend stops and releases charges of electricity.
Electric Laser The Rust Fiend goes to either the left or right elevator platform, and goes up to a certain point,

and fires a laser and proceeds to move either up or down while still firing.

Headbutt While the Rust Fiend is walking along the floor, its head will do substantial amount of

damage as well as a large amount of knockback. It also stuns the player for a short time.


Always pay attention to the electricity charges. The floor of the arena is lined with tiles that will conduct the electricity upwards, through the platforms. The ceiling also has these tiles.

If you can, have 4 electricity resistance before entering the arena. It will make the boss fight significantly easier. Bows will also make this boss easier.

Be aware that the Headbutt attack can put you in stunlock/knockback loop if you are careless. It is highly recommended that knights should not attempt to reflex stance the headbutt attack, as that will put them into the stunlock/knockback loop as well.




Touching this trap from above deals instant death to the player or creature, with some exceptions.


Simply walking through spikes causes no harm whatsoever.

Spike Protection gear will permanently destroy wooden spikes when the player would otherwise be impaled on them.

The Featherfall status effect will let you fall through spikes harmlessly unless you are pressing Down to fall faster. It can be obtained from drinking a Potion of Featherfall, wearing Featherfall gear, or holding on to a Chicken.

Slowly sliding down walls using the Rogue's Acrobatics skill or Climb Walls gear will let you fall through spikes harmlessly.

Bad ideas

Some things do not offer spike protection, even though it seems like they might:

Special interactions

The Goblin King destroys spikes as if he wore Spike Protection gear. Other bosses are entirely immune. Fox Thieves are also immune.


Found in The Factory. Acid deals a 15 damage every few seconds, which is likely to stun the player, keeping them trapped in the pool and forcing them to take further damage.

The damage dealt in this way is a unique type of elemental damage. No source of acid resistance currently exists, not even from the +1 all resistances stat boost.

Volt Traps[]

Found in The Factory. Volt Traps are harmless until a bolt of electricity (originating from a Mechanical Spider or from the Rust Fiend) comes into contact with them. In those cases, they create a high, powerful and short-lasting pillar of electricity.