Vagante Wiki
Main Info
HP 5
Champion HP 30
Area Dark Caves and Ruins


Hangs from the ceiling until it notices the player. Once it does it will start pursuing the player. Upon knocking into the player it will deal 2-6 damage.

It won't pursue the player they are in water and it will go back to hanging from the ceiling if left alone for long enough.


It's corpse can be cooked in the campfire by doing so the player will get a cooked eyebat a cooked eyebat gives the player more sight for the duration of a floor this effect does not stack.

It's corpse can also be used to trigger traps, such as the arrow traps and the frost/fire/teleport traps in the ruins. They are not heavy enough to trigger boulder traps.


Bluebat.pngThe first level of the Summon Monster Spell summons a blue version of the regular eye bats.

They are friendly towards the player and attack their Enemies.

They are very strong against intangible bosses such as the Evil Mage, the Wisp Queen and the Behemoth.

Contrary to regular eyebats, you can not pick up their corpses.

Champion Variant[]

Hangs from the ceiling until it notices the player like a normal eyebat. Upon aggroing the player, it will occasionally charge at the player. It will also charge in retaliation to getting hit.

Upon knocking into the player they can deal 6-8 damage.