Vagante Wiki
Main Info
HP 1
Champion HP 8
Area Dark Caves and Ruins

Divebombers are monsters that appear in the Dark Caves


Similar to Eyebats, it hangs from the ceiling until it notices a player. After noticing a player, this monster will fly downwards until it hits the ground or the player and then explode, spawning 10 fireballs in all



It can explode into fireballs that deal 5 damage these fireballs wont set the player on fire.


Try to hide behind terrain to avoid the fireballs. The Rogue and the Mage can easily deal with them by shooting them and freezing them, respectively.

Champion Variant[]

it hangs from the ceiling until it notices a player just like a normal one the difference comes with the explosion.

Instead of normal orange fireballs it explodes into 2 rows of blue fireballs each row having 10 of them each fireball can damage in water and makes exactly 15 damage.