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Curses are an attribute of items that give a negative effect to the item, and make the item unable to be unequiped.


Every piece of equipment found throughout the game has a chance to be cursed, with some exceptions:

Identifying a cursed item will reveal the presence of a curse. Cursed weapons and armor cannot be unequipped by normal means.

If the item has an attribute, it will be twisted to become useless or debilitating.

You can remove a curse by either using a Scroll of Uncurse while the item is equipped, or using a Scroll of Enchant on the cursed item. The latter of the two will not always work.

The presence of a curse can be revealed without identification by offering the item to the Shackled. If the item is cursed, it will become god cursed. Otherwise, nothing will happen.

Curses on Wands are automatically identified.

If a player destroys the Shackled, all items in the current level including items in the player's backpack and items in the shop become cursed.

God Curses[]

A God Curse restores an item's effect to the normal version and grants the item a large amount of stat bonuses.

A God Cursed item can never be unequipped, unless the character dies in multiplayer.

An unidentified item from the Shopkeeper's Stash is always God Cursed.


You are able to swap to another weapon while wearing a godcursed weapons by first equipping a cursed weapon and then using an enchant scroll on the godcursed weapon.

This is probably an unintended consequence of the way enchant scrolls work.

WARNING: Breaking the shackled can sometimes result in items becoming permanently cursed, Scrolls of Uncurse will not work on these items.

Cursed Effects[]

Cursed effects are negative versions of the regular attributes.

Armor Curses[]

Chest Armor Curses

These are the negative versions of the Chest Armor attributes.

Take extra cold damage on hit

Cursed version of enemies take cold damage on hit

Take extra fire damage on hit

Cursed version of enemies take fire damage on hit

Take extra Shocking damage on hit

Cursed version of enemies take extra shocking damage on hit

Does nothing against spikes

Cursed version of Spike Protection

Necklace Curses

These are the negative versions of the Necklace attributes.

Unfocused sight

Cursed version of Unbounded Sight

Soul of an evil familiar

Cursed version of any familiar, this familiar randomly picks up the player

Cling to life

Cursed version of Death Protection, revives the player but with only 1 HP (bugged)

Helmet Curses

These are the negative versions of the Helmet attributes.


Cursed version of Boulder Protection

Reduced lung capacity

Cursed version of Underwater Breathing

Glove Curses

These are the negative versions of the Glove attributes.

Decreased weapon reach

Cursed version of increased weapon reach, Decreases weapon reach

Bounce off walls

Cursed version of Grab walls, Upon jumping into a wall, you bounce backwards

Weak Punches

Cursed version of Heavy Punches, Punches are significantly weaker

Shaky hands

Cursed version of Improved Archery, Aiming is jittery with bows

Absorbed by walls

Cursed version of Wall Phasing, You can still phase, but in only one direction

Weak throws

Cursed version of Heavy Throws, Throwing crates/barrels nets very little distance and damage

Boot Curses

These are the negative versions of the Boot attributes.

Smoky Trail

Cursed version of Trailblazer

Take damage on jumping on enemies

Cursed version of Jumping on enemies deals damage

Unpredictable Speed

Cursed version of Super Speed, Makes the players speed randomly go faster and slower

Fall like a rock

Cursed version of Featherfall

Absorbed by floors

Cursed version of Floor Phasing, You can still phase but you cannot jump back up

Ring Curses

These are the negative versions of the Ring attributes.


Cursed version of Luminous, Decreases vision radius

Gold Repellant

Cursed version of Gold Collector, Repels nearby gold

- 1, 2 or 3 damage

Cursed version of + 1, 2 or 3 damage, Gives you - 1, 2 or 3 Melee Damage (MEL) and - 1, 2 or 3 Ranged Damage (RNG)

- 1, 2 or 3 defense

Cursed version of + 1, 2 or 3 defense, Gives you -1, 2 or 3 Defense (DEF)

Weapon Curses[]

These are the negative versions of the Weapon attributes.

Bleed on attack

Cursed version of Life steal, inflicts damage to you when attacking enemies

Corrupted fairy magic

Cursed version of Fairy magic, increases enemies' defense on attack

Avoidant arrows

Cursed version of Homing arrows

"Weightless arrows"

Cursed version of Weightless arrows

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