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Main Info
HP 225
Area Forest Temple

The Chimera is a 2 part boss of the Forest branch level: The Forest Temple.

The Snake Tail has 125 HP.


The Chimera moves around a small area until it sees the player, the Snake Tail on the Chimera can attack you before the body sees you. After killing the Chimera and Snake Tail, they will drop a Rune Orb and a Treasure Key


Attack Description
Poison Spit The Snake Tail spits a ball of poison at the player. The lower the health of the Snake Tail, the faster it fires poison.
Flamebreath The Chimera Body breathes a short line of flames towards the player.
Pounce The Chimera jumps over, or through, walls to get closer to the player.


This boss is somewhat intimidating the first few times you fight it, as the Forest Temple is one of the most hostile areas in the game, and the 2 parts of the body can be confusing since you may not know which one to target first.

The general strategy is to take out the main body first, then attack the snake tail. Keep in mind that getting stuck in a corner with this boss is an easy death sentence. Always be wary of the traps around you as well.

Champion variant[]

The champion variant has a red coloration and possesses a new attack. Behavior is largely the same as the normal variant

Attack Description
Fireball The Chimera Body spits a fireball at the player.