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Main Info
HP 300
Area Rift

The Behemoth is one of the three bosses you will encounter in the last area of the game.

The fists have 50HP each.


The Behemoth is composed of three body parts: one head and two hands. The Behemoth will attack with both of its hands until they are both destroyed. When they are, the Behemoth will lower itself, giving you an opportunity to attack its head before rising up again. Damaging his hands will not damage him.


Attacks Description
Ground pound The Behemoth will use one or both of its hands to smash the ground, which will create a Shockwave to the right and the left.
Hand charge The Behemoth will rapidly throw one of its hands at the player. Once the charge is over, the hands will hover back near the head of the Behemoth.
Lightning The Behemoth claps both hands together on your character, causing balls of lightning to appear, dealing lightning damage straight down after a short delay.


High mobility is of the essence in this fight. The Behemoth's attacks are few but pack a punch and can be difficult to avoid.

Having double jump, high jump or even triple jump can make jumping over the shockwaves of the ground pound an easy task as well as allow you to jump up to the Behemoths head to start attacking it early. Using homing spells or a bow you can damage his head while he still is in the air

Speed is also desirable as it makes it easier to get out of the way of the Hand charges.

The Behemoth's head is also fairly tanky, so be prepared for a long fight.

Champion Variant[]

The champion variant has a dark blue coloration, with different behavior from the normal variant.

This variant does not require the player to damage both hands for an opening. Instead, the Behemoth will pull itself along its hand charges which will enable the player to hit its head.