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Baby Dragon
Baby Dragon.png
Main Info
HP 65
Area Dark Caves

The Baby Dragon is one of the three bosses to spawn in the Dark Caves.


Initially sleeping, it will wake up when the player gets close to it. At times, its capability of flying might make the fight harder for melee characters.


Attack Description
Dive The Dragon flies up then dives to the ground, stunning and damaging players who are standing on the ground nearby.
Enrage After losing half of its health, the dragon glows a red hue, moves faster and spits fire more quickly.
Spit Fire The Dragon stands still and spits 3 fireballs in succession.


Try standing behind an obstacle when the Dragon is spitting fire and getting close to hit it just after it spits the third fireball, but be wary that they can start spitting fire again immediately. Fighting it on small map spaces is probably best as that gives you obstacles to hide behind and you can quickly get close to the dragon to attack it.

The dragon's fireballs cannot hurt you while underwater, so you can attack it without consequence. Be aware that the more fire the dragon shoots, the more the water decreases. (Fireballs from Divebombers can still hit you underwater.)

The fireballs do not deal damage if you have +4 fire resistance, rendering the Dragon effectively harmless.

Champion Variant[]

The champion variant has a red coloration, and is much more aggressive.

It spits fireballs at a much faster rate. The fireballs it spits out can bounce off of terrain.

If the Baby Dragon loses line of sight on the player, it will stop attacking and fly towards the player until it has line of sight again.