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The depths of Vagante contain many different areas. Each has its own unique traps, monsters and level generation style. Shrines may appear in any area. Shops can appear in any area save for side areas.

Main Areas[]

Every one of the main areas consists of thee similar stages and has at least three different bosses.

There are also random events that can occur in the Dark Caves and will probably be added to the other areas in the future.

Side Areas[]

Side Areas are special stages that can be entered in the second stage of every area. Each of them contains a Rune Orb.

You require a key dropped by a boss to open a side area, which means that you must refrain from opening the big chest of the specific area. You must press the Interact button to unlock the door (RT on controller).

The Ruins contain two spellbooks, the Factory contains one, the Tower and the Forest Temple contain none.

  • Ruins (Accessed from Dark Caves level 2)
  • Tower (Accessed from Catacombs level 2)
  • Factory (Accessed from Rift level 2)


Every stage has a large locked chest. These chests can be opened with the keys dropped by bosses. No other method will work.

The big chest always contains a random piece of equipment, 10 coins and 2 random potions. Equipment obtained in this way is more likely to be an artifact and is never cursed.

There are lots of regular chests scattered around the stages, each containing a random piece of equipment. There is a chance for the equipment to be cursed. There is a chance of obtaining two items from a single chest if you possess the Fortune affinity.

Note that some chests are mimics that attack you on sight and drop an item upon death.


Shops are special rooms which can appear in any stage of the game, except for side areas. There is never more than a single shop in a level.

A shop always contains at least two items and is always operated by a Shopkeeper.

A shop contains some destructible cosmetic objects which serve no purpose: a sign, a decorative helmet and armor, a counter, and item stands.

Further information concerning shop mechanics can be found on the Shops page.


Fairies are NPCs trapped in cages that appear in the second level of every area. They can be rescued by destroying the cage and carrying them out of the level. After being rescued, they will buff the bonfire, increasing its healing amount by 5.

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